Media Coverage of White Riots vs Black Protests (Racism?)

White Riots vs Black Protests (Racism?)

In wake of the “Baltimore Riot” and the “The Charleston Church shooting,” some probing questions regarding African-Americans and how they’re portrayed in the media have arose. While browsing upon WorldStarHipHop I discovered the video above. My initial thought was “wow I never really paid attention to it, yet it’s so apparent”. These media outlets are outright insulting African-Americans and babysitting Caucasians. It almost insinuates that terms like thugs, wild animals, and criminals are fitting for African-Americans. In contrast, Caucasian rioting is looked at as though “They’re just kids”. The ending really struck a chord within me. It almost seemed ackward and unusual when those same words were attached to the videos of Caucasians rioting. Don’t get me wrong, initially I felt that this was the proper and fair way to portray caucasians rioting as well, however, it seemed “less fitting.” Terms such as those aren’t “fitting” for anyone, but it seemed so normal to hear blacks referred to as “thugs” and abnormal to hear the same insult to whites. “Is the media purposely affecting Americas views on the African-American Race? Does this ignorance somehow get absorbed by our subconscious and become the norm? Do you think the media as a whole condone and displays racism?

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts on this topic



  1. Media displays racism through the lens of stereotyping and inequality within their false reports of other ethnicities. So blacks are considered thugs, muslims & Arabians considered terrorists while whites are always considered mentally ill..Mentally ill yes, the newscasters are, the politicians, the leaders of the “free world” are and that’s how you get mentally ill kids because it’s genetically passed down from the leaders.

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