What is success?



the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

“the president had some success in restoring confidence”
synonyms:favorable outcome, successfulness,successful result, triumph;
“the success of the scheme”

the attainment of popularity or profit.

“the success of his play” synonyms:prosperity, affluence, wealth, riches,opulence
“the trappings of success”

Today’s thought provoking question is, “What is success?” There are two very different meanings (as seen above) of the term, “Which would you define it by?” I personally would define success by the first definition; “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” This meaning conveys that success is based on an individual’s perspective of life and self-set ideals. We all have different lives, economic statuses, jobs, and various religious beliefs (including non-believers). All of these things shape our outlook of success and what it looks like.
The latter definition, “the attainment of popularity or profit,” paints a very different picture. This meaning conveys that success is based on popularity, a celebrity like figure, and/or monetary wealth. This view is more urbanized and limits an individuals overall view of accomplishment. Moreover, this definition insinuates that only “upper-class” people can be considered successful. While disregarding the two lower economic statuses (in which the majority of people occupy), this meaning strips the less privileged of acknowledgement, appreciation, and accolades.
In either scenario, these are both definitions of success and real ideals of people. It is your personal decision of which you’ll abide by. With that being said, I’ll leave you with a few questions.

Which definition do you think is more suitable? Do you agree with both of them? If not, why? Does the general “rich & famous” propaganda affect people’s outlook on life?

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