Hook-Ups A.K.A “Kryptonite of Love”


Hook ups: The “Kryptonite of love” that curses the new generation (sigh). I’m sure “one-night stands” have been around for years but, nowadays, its at an all-time high. From what I understand, “hook ups” are considered to be convenient sexual encounters with “no-strings attached.” Men and women alike are gravitating to this lifestyle for different reasons including trend, variety, past relationship failures, and trust issues (Hell, I’ve even tried it). It’s almost as if hook-ups are the new way of dating. With that being said, the courting method is second to hook-ups, and marriage is dead last when considering the “right” time to have sex. Theres even businesses profiting from it; We’ll save that for another blog. Let’s get to some pros and cons here.
Pros: Quick sex, multiple partners (if you’re into that kinda thing), no emotional attachment (supposedly), and social brownie points from peers alike. Cons: possible pregnancy, increased chances of STD/HIV contraction, volatile emotions, and negative criticism. In my opinion, the cons heavily outweigh the pros, but to each is own (shrug). When choosing this lifestyle one must realize your fidelity reputation is on the line (faithful women won’t like it), and you may never gain a healthy relationship through these encounters if that’s your goal.

What do you think about “Hook-ups?” Have you ever tried this lifestyle? What was the result?

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