The Super Power of Creativity

Creativity can empower anyone who seek it. I’d like to think of it as somewhat of an extension of God to humans. When an individual develops this gift he or she can accomplish feats that have never been done before; How? By simply being creative. Just think of all the people who made stimulating inventions, art, and ground-breaking discoveries in science. They can attribute their great success to the power of creativity. To tap into this power one must be innovative. Innovation can not only impact mankind for the better, but it can inspire more creation and future creators. Negative innovation can have the opposite effect. As with any power, creation comes with great responsibility; Therefore, I encourage all to use their power for good. Moreover, creativity can help you solve any problem you come across in life. For any and every problem there is a solution or alternative; However, it may take some creativity on your behalf. With thriving career paths and numerous good consequences, creativity is truly a gift and super power of mankind. Be creative.

Have you unlocked the super power: creativity?

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