The Double-Egded Sword of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Muife, just to name a few, are social media outlets that connect everyone from a temple in Israel, to a 20-year old blog editor in Chicago (That’s me!). These brands sit atop the throne of communication giving people the opportunity to interact with thousands hence the “Post” button. I refer to these services as double-edged swords because that same button can spread both positivity and negativity. If it wasn’t for Facebook I wouldn’t have known Akon is actively solving an energy crisis in Africa by supplying solar panels to rural areas. In contrast, I wouldn’t have known that rapper Kevin Gates likes to eat “tush”(smh). We, the consumers, decide on what’s relevant by simply pressing “share” or “retweet.” Sometimes we may not share the best information. On a higher scale, social networks are used for promotion. You can promote any facet of life that you partake in, again, this could be positive or negative (even pornography has found its way on Facebook, sheesh…). I encourage my readers to spend less time on these networks, as they can consume much of your valuable time. Refrain from the colorful app icons on your phones. Unless of course, you’re using them for positive promotion or family purposes.

What do you think of social media? Does it consume much of your time? Which Social Network is the most relevant to you?


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