Perception #1

Hello My Wonderful Readers.

My name is DeQuan and I have a way of seeing the world that I believe is extremely accurate. If you tell me otherwise, I may try to argue you down and persuade you to adopt my point of view. Better yet, if you’ve maintained a career or successful organization, I will feel inclined to tell you how you can make it better by implementing my suggestions/demands. Understood? good.

Here’s the funny thing, this is actually the language that my sub-conscience uses on a daily basis. It’s become quite the nuisance during day-in and day-out thinking. From what I’ve been reading in various psychology books, they call it an ego.The definition of an ego is; a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. So in my case, what does this mean?

Maybe I find myself too damn important. Maybe due to my nurture or nature, I’ve developed an inflated sense of pride that equals that of a lion. Maybe I see this as a good thing. Maybe I’m totally delusional. In any case, I’ve become quite aware of this impairment at the tender age of 22-years old. Maybe its just plain old immaturity.

How can I/we fix an inflated ego?

Well, considering that I’m not a psychologist, I’d say the first step is recognition. Once you do some reflection, you can think about some possible next steps to help deflate your ego. Moreover, you can just look up an article on just as I do.

Psychology Reference: Sigmund Freud

Let me know your thoughts below.


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