Life After Love #1

Quick Note: This blog was written roughly 3 weeks after a 2-year relationship. No, I’m not scorned about it. However, I do inevitably reminisce about it.

Life after being in an intimate relationship for a significant amount time is completely different. Things just don’t feel the same. I’ve come to learn that breakups has it’s stages and every person must endure in their own way. The immediate steps seem to be filling the shared-time void, while sifting through various thoughts, feelings, and memories.

The moment you go from pronouncing your love for someone every night before you go to bed, to spending nights looking at the phone unconsciously hoping that person calls is very stressful. It’s even more stressful when there was a certain time frame in which you’d speak with your former mate or spend nights together. It’s extremely hard going through this, however, it’s natural.

During this time you may began to stalk their Facebook or revisit various texts and pictures knowing it’ll bring you pain. In my opinion, it’s fine to do these things but only for a period of time. If you find yourself taking part in post-breakup stalking too often I’d like to recommend a few things. Turn off your phone at that time of night, unfollow the person’s Facebook feed and block them from seeing your statuses as well so they don’t suffer. Ceasing all points of contact is what’s really working for me.

As your still getting a grasp on the situation, be cognizant of your thoughts. Remind yourself over and over again about the reasons why the breakup was necessary. If you don’t think it was necessary, come to terms with the fact that it happened. Try to think about the good times you had and how you grew as a person because of them. Furthermore, look at it as a learning experience.

Thanks for reading! I’ll take you guys through this journey with me one blog at a time.


What are some of your first reactions in a breakup situation?


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