The Life of An Introvert #1

Shout to all of my fellow introverts. This is a place where you’ll receive empathy from one of your own. Let’s start with the definition of what an introvert is.

Introvert – a shy, reticent person

Personally, I believe there are various types of introverts. There are the anti-public introvert, the anti-group introvert, anti-empathetic introvert, and some times they’re all tied together in complex ways. The question we must ask ourselves – Is being an introvert a bad thing?

In my opinion, no. It depends on what kind of life you’d like to lead. It’s hard to be a great news anchor or a great public speaker when you’re an introvert. However, if you’re in a field that doesn’t necessarily require you to be socially exposed, your fine. Being a productive introvert is more about understanding exactly why you’re an introvert in the first place, then tacking action to approach things from a different angle. We should play to our strenghts.

Personally, I love one-on-one meetings. In that environment, I can really let my personality show without much hesitation. Now if you put me in a room with more than four people and ask me to report out, then you’ll see great nervousness. Even when things aren’t the most comfortable to me, I still manage to do them if I believe there can be an productive outcome. Sometimes you have to push yourself. Working in a corporate non-profit office, I definitely find myself giving things an extra effort to push me out of my comfort zone.

There are also great articles you can read by simply googling “Psychology Today – Introvert,” and checking out some of the psychologists thoughts. In conclusion, respect yourself, embrace yourself, push yourself, and play to your strengths.

Let me know your thoughts below.








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