New Friends #1

Today I wanted to vent about the experience I’ve had with a small circle of friends and struggling to make new ones.

During my early teen years, I was the smart-quiet kid who sat in the front of the classroom. As the years progressed, I developed  close relationships with a couple of friends who lived next door to my household. Our traits were so similar at the time, you’d think we were siblings. Unfortunately, we’ve matured by roughly 6 years and I’ve recently noticed our major diffrences. Given that my friends are from the same environment as I am, I find them to have somewhat of a limited vision along with typical millennial distractions.

No doubt about it, they’re extremely intelligent individuals, but they have characteristics about themselves that are quite immature. Nevertheless, I’d never get rid of my friends-the question is, how do I make new ones? If you’ve read my post prior to this one, you know that I’m an introvert and it’s difficult for me to connect with others. Moving forward, I want to learn how to comfortably socialize when I’m out in the world and secure new acquaintances and possibly new friends . With that said, I first plan is to minimize my in-house time and get out more.

In conclusion, I know that many people share this same challenge. The difficult task of making new friends isn’t a new one. People are trying to find ways to connect and expand their network all around the world. Hopefully, as I take you on the journey with me you can gain some jewels from my experiences. I will post a follow-up blog soon!

Let me know your thoughts below!


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