Drug Abuse #1

Dear Drug Abuse,

I’m glad you’re no longer in my life. During my early teen years you attracted my young, addictive spirit and planted seeds of destruction in both my psychological & physiological systems. To this day you still loiter my thoughts from time to time. Sadly, you still spend too much time with my immediate family. I’m certain of your intentions. However, I’m not sure if those who are near and dear to me are. So here you have it, a hate letter directly from one of your former victims.

As I think back on my Harper High School years, I remember the circumstance that hooked us up: peer pressure. The moment I met you I knew you’d allow me to feel the numbness I craved. I didn’t care about your flaws, history, or those whom spoke badly about you. You were mine. We mingled almost every other day during my Junior and senior years.

I remember when I was scared to talk to strangers and make new friends; you’d keep me company and listen to every word I said. I’d contact you during the latest hours of the night and you’d always answer. We’d mingle until I’d fall asleep. The more we communicated, the more connected we became. What started with affection and love eventually left me with nothing but rough mornings, stomach pain, anger, emptiness, and a strong desire for self-destruction.

Toward the end of my senior year, the pendulum started to swing and I realized that your cons outweighed your pros. I’d realized that you made me dependent upon your affection and was slowly tearing me down in every way possible. I tried to leave you, but, I found myself going back over and over again. It wasn’t until I walked across the graduation stage that I realized I could, and should move on.

During our break up, I noticed that you’d been having an affair with my mother, father, uncles, aunties, and cousins as well. They’re most likely paying you a good wage as well. ¬†Nevertheless, many of my family members were lured in by your promiscuity. The sad part is that they’re so deeply in love with you, their considering taking your hand in marriage.

I hate you drug abuse.









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