LAL (Life After Love) #2

It’s been about four months since our sun set. At his point, I can confidently say that I still have lingering emotions. They come and go as sporadically as they please; I’m on the verge of calling every time. Everything from sensual satisfactions to verbal altercations replay in my mind.

From time to time, I think about the good times we shared; They are always short lived. Immediately, my mind shifts to the flawed memories. Once this happens, my reasoning regarding our separation is reinforced. I read about break-ups a week after on In the article “How To Want To Get Over A Breakup,” Jen Kim wrote, “Some people calculate the appropriate mourning period as half the length of the relationship.” From past experience, I find this statement accurate and applicable.

Two of my former partners are good friends of mine. The way those relationships ended were very dramatic. However, as half the time we had been together lapsed, we began to reach out to one another to make sure things were alright. Social media had a big part in this as well. With me  recently eradicating my social media, I’m not sure how the breakup-to-friendship process will work this time. I do wish for us to become good friends down the line.

These days I’ve been staying clear of “rebound” relationships and “one night stands.” I know that neither of those temporary reliefs will help me heal. Being a person who would approach relationships whole heartedly, often attached, I must remain aware of my actions. The logical thing to do would be to cultivate and appreciate my friendships and stay away from dating for a while. I just hope my emotions don’t get the best of my better judgment.


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