From Pros To Prose

Three-years ago, I wanted be a respected Hip-Hop artist; before that, I wanted to be a pro-basketball player. Nowadays I express myself through disciplined school/career work and writing. My intentions are not to be a per se published writer, but to have the ability to write well when required.

You’re probably thinking, “This dude wasn’t into hoopin’ like I am.” (I’d like to challenge that assumption.) From the age of 15 to 19-years old, my life revolved around basketball courts and NBA-on-TNT Thursdays. I even played on milk-crates placed on the ground. Neither Jesus or Buddha could tell me I wasn’t going pro. During my sophomore year of high school, I joined the basketball team. It was then that I realized the rigor of practice; laziness and tainted-lungs halted my hoop dreams. As the years flew by, I began to listen to the advice of elders, ultimately, agreeing with them. They had warned me that basketball was a good hobby, but not a sustainable career.

I began to record Hip-Hop music at the age of 17 and became fascinated with the process. I continued to make music until I was 21-years old. Throughout my music career, though short-lived, I Iearned two things (1) music won’t bloom into a career unless you work on it for 40 hours or more per week, and (2) the moment you began to work at a whimsical pace or wait for the approval of others; you will fail. I molded these two lessons into my philosophy and executed them in my next endeavors: college, and writing.

January 2017, I enrolled in a community college and began an Associates Degree in psychology. While writing papers for my courses, I became enamored of prose. This my obsession. I love both reading and writing. Once I began, me and momentum became best friends.

















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