The [War]drobe #1

Great title don’t ya think? It means the “War of Wardrobes.” In this series, I’ll be discussing my personal and perceived experiences of the expectations placed on clothing. These blogs will be written by my mark of folks in Chicago.

I work at a not-for-profit company that helps Chicago youth persist through high school and beyond. Dressing ‘professionally’ isn’t necessary unless employees want to (A) look stylish or (B) conform to how Americans think a white-collar employee should dress. I purposely choose to wear off-brand t-shirts and a pair of worn blue-jeans. No one at my job critiques my clothing, or thers, because we have a respectful work-culture. I’d be judged elsewhere because of bad work-politics. Clothing is more political than necessity, unless, of course, you’re an astronaut.

Don’t be afraid to dress outside-the-box. Show some pizazz for goodness sakes. If your clothing preferences aren’t accepted in your workplace, you may want to reconsider working there.









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