The [War]drobe #1

Great title: do you think so? It signifies a War of Wardrobe. I will express my opinions on the conformist culture of America and tell of my rebelliously-treasonous acts when captive to conformesque situations, and make peremptory remarks about peoples’ [war]drobes that catch my eye as I tramp the streets of Chicago.

I am employed at a company that helps High School students persist to graduation, and henceforth. Dressing formally is not necessary at my job unless an individual wants to (A) voluntarily-flaunt their physiognomy (B) conform to Corporate-America’s workplace norms, or (C) they are congenial prinkers. The narrator purposely chooses to wear generic-clothing like unbranded shirts and blue jeans (with a hole in the right-knee region) all week. My appearance is approved by all of my co-workers because we bear a respectful-and-open work culture; comparatively, I would be criticized in companies who bear scum-bags at the Head of management.



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